Do Not Learn

An open-source music project with a grimey rock attitude and dark pop sensibilities


The strength of humanity is that the individual can withstand the weight of a treacherous world, and strive to make it better. When we gather at concerts we celebrate that strength. It’s your favourite lyric and the electricity of swaying in synchronicity. It’s the energy of the mosh pit and the surrender of being vulnerable together. It is the undeniable power music has to connect us and subtly plant complex ideas and concepts into our minds at the speed of sound.  It may be the most profound form of communication we are capable of. Traditionally it has been a one-way street from artist to audience. That Awful Rhythm is an attempt to answer the question: What would happen if the relationship between artist and audience was a two-way street?

What is that awful rhythm?

That Awful Rhythm is as a band, in that it is a musical project that releases music and videos. The difference being that you can be a part of That Awful Rhythm, if you want to be.  Our use of Copyright license allows us enter the project and all works into the public domain to be built upon and altered at ease by anyone who’s interested.

We encourage you to download all the elements (stems) of our songs and videos. You can edit, splice, remix, add/subtract anything you want. Most importantly you are free to use them in your school projects, youtube videos, and any of your social media profiles. (Learn More About Open-Source Music)

This two-way street demands that 3 simple rules be observed.
Rule the 1st: Attribution: Give credit where credit is due.
Example artist title format: (contributor’s name) & That Awful Rhythm
Rule the 2nd: No commercial use. You can’t sell your remix to Coke-Cola.
Rule the 3rd:  Release the new variation under an identical Creative Commons Copyright License so we keep the ball rolling. (Learn how to contribute here).

The project is directed and managed by producer/singer S.e Elliott and film scorer/pianist Amanda Jane Cawley along side an ever growing roster of brilliant contributors known as The Unfortunate Few (Full list of contributors).

All works by That Awful Rhythm are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike copyleft license.  This license allows all works by That Awful Rhythm to be manipulated, remixed, and re-released as part of an always-expanding always-inclusive online community of brilliant & subversive artists. Individuals gathering together to seek answers to questions like:

  • Does copyright and the idea of Intellectual Property aid or hinder creativity in an age of global connection and instant communication?
  • What does massive & unbridled online collaboration sound like?
  • Is their a line between audience and artist, and if so, where and when can we cross it?