Do Not Listen

S.e Elliott Spews That Awful Rhythm (2015)
Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Will Muir
Mastered by Dan Brodbeck
Drums/Percussion – Dean Mckey
Keys – Cameron Reichard
Violin – J M Flemming
Vocals – S.e Elliott, Courtney Anne Elliott, Mike Klassen
Guitar –  S.e Elliott, Dave Houde
Bass/banjo – Dave Houde

As Long As You Abide And Obey That Awful Rhythm (2013)
This album was wrecked and left abandoned on the
jagged rocks. William Muir at the Sound Distillery in
Kitchener, ON. salvaged it and made us whole again.
Vocals: S.e. Elliott, Sarah Beckner, Jeremy Stuart, Erica Warder
Guitars: S.e Elliott
Bass: Mike Burns
Drums: Taylor Lucas
Keys: Daniel Turner